About the CoupleEdit

First, Sakura was infatuated by Sasuke and was the first couple in Naruto have Shown In Naruto episode 3. All girls are in love with Sasuke but many People said that Sasuke really likes Sakura. This Is the ultimate couple in the anime for the year 2007 many people made doujinshis about them and symbolizes their names as Ying&Yang.

Their RelationshipEdit

Sakura was One of the fangirls who is in love with Sasuke. In fact their are many proofs that they may be real couples at the ending of Naruto.


There are many SasuSaku Proofs. This images are Pictures of SasuSaku proofs. Sasuke- am going to destory konoha and then get rid the world of fan girl muhahahahahahaha!!!

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